The Miller Machine

Finger Cymbal Machine

"Great addition to any percussion set up that needs hands free finger cymbal performance. Great quality." Ronald D.

No need to pickup or search for your finger cymbal in your setup ever again.

Play your finger cymbal with whatever stick, beater, or mallet, you have in your hand.

  • Use any 3/8" percussion mount to easily place your Miller Machine anywhere, in any setup.
  • Custom made red latex beater with natural feel, excellent rebound, minimal stick attack, and great visibility in low-light environments.
  • Will accommodate most finger cymbals that have a hole
  • Easily packed in your stick bag

Choice of Black, or Flame body. Make your selection above.

(finger cymbal, and mount, not included)

Works With Most Finger Cymbals

Dream Timsha / all sizes
Meinl / Basic or Professional
Sabian / Heavy or Light
Steve Weiss Brand Tingsha Tibetan
Zildjian / Thick or Thin

Does not work with LP Finger Cymbals model LP436.
Mounting hole is too small.

Closeup photo of Finger Cymbal Arm with mounted finger cymbal.

Position, Anywhere, In Any Setup

 Use any 3/8" percussion mount to easily place your Miller Machine in any setup.

Click below for a list of suggested mounts.

Custom Made Beater

Every Miller Machine comes with a custom made red latex beater that has:
Excellent Rebound
Natural Feel
Minimal Stick Attack
Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings

Be confident you'll always get a great finger cymbal sound.

Closeup of Finger Cymbal Machine custom made striking surface.

What's Included With Your Purchase

Miller Machine Body (Black or Flame) with 5/16" steel beater.
Finger Cymbal Arm with custom designed Finger Cymbal Mount.

All of this is shipped from Seattle, Washington.

All you need is your favorite finger cymbal and your favorite mount.

Every Miller Machine is designed and hand built by Billy Miller in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Photo of Finger Cymbal Machine with 5/16" steel beater.

"The Miller Machine filled a need I’ve had for decades.

 To be able to quickly and delicately access a finger cymbal.
It’s amazing, It’s adjustable, so it can be as dynamically responsive as you need it to be."

Jeff Q. Chicago, Illinois

Flames? Yes!

Miller Machines are also available with a flame body.