The Miller Machine

Beater Upgrade Kit

Here it is!

The most requested upgrade to The Miller Machine.

The Beater Upgrade Kit comes with either a 5/16" brass beater for your Triangle Machine or a 5/16" steel beater for your Finger Cymbal Machine. These beaters have been custom designed specifically for The Miller Machine. You'll also get all the pieces and parts you need to convert any original Miller Machine to hold these new beaters.

The Kit also makes it possible to mount ANY triangle beater with an 1/8" shaft on any existing Miller Machine.

This is big! ;)

This means you can use any size of your favorite Stoessel, Grover Pro, Black Swamp, Dragonfly Percussion, or Freer.

If you already own a Grover Pro Miller Machine (thank you!) you won't need this.

It's easy to make the switch, just click the link below to watch the video.

Beater Upgrade Video.

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Don't forget to select either a brass beater (for triangle) or steel beater (for finger cymbal) below.

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