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Machine Plus Body

Great addition if you already have a Triangle Arm, or Horizontal Mount.

Adjust your beater angle from 90 degrees, for a focused sound, to 135 degrees, for creating a spread of overtones.

The beater position can also be adjusted to find the optimal beater balance.

Includes the custom made 5/16" Solid Body Steel Beater.

The Plus Body was designed in collaboration with Neil Grover from Grover Pro Percussion.

Features below.

(triangle and mount not included)

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From 90 to 135

90 degrees is great for a focused sound.
135 degrees gives you a nice spread of overtones.

Movable Beater

The 5/16" Solid Body Brass Beater slides from side to side to help you find the most optimal position for your setup.

Most helpful when the Machine is set at 135 degrees.

Custom Built

The Plus Body is machined from aluminum square tubing, and powder coated for extra durability.

The Brass Beater is designed specifically for the Plus Body, and arrives already installed.

Custom Striking Surface

Every Machine Body comes with the custom made red latex striking surface that features:

Excellent Rebound.
Natural Feel.
Minimal Stick Attack.
Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings.

Be confident you'll always get a great triangle sound.

Body Angle

Easily adjusted with this knob.

The angle adjustment combined with the beater adjustment gives you many options to fine tune your triangle sound.

What You Get

The Miller Machine Plus Body, with the 5/16" Solid Body Brass Beater already installed.

Shipped from Seattle, Washington.

Billy Built

Everything's designed and built by Billy Miller in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.