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Crotale Machine

The Crotale Machine makes it easy to mount and play any single crotale note from the full two octaves.

Always get a great crotale sound anywhere in your setup.

Includes the new custom designed 1/2" Brass Ball Beater.

Set it and forget it.

Also works great with a finger cymbal!

Choose Black, or Flame Body below.

(Machine Body, finger cymbal, crotale, and mount not included)

Color: Black Body
Black Body
Flame Body

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Customer Reviews

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Always top notch Billy!

Diggin my new finger cym. machine. Just strike and go. One, two fingers is all you need.

Thanks Richard! I'm glad to hear that...Billy

Adjustable ;)

Slide the rubber insulated mount side to side to find the optimum position for your crotale note.

Also works great with your favorite finger cymbal.

Brass Ball Beater

Brand new custom designed Brass Ball Beater specifically made for the Crotale Arm.

Get a great sound on a crotale note, or finger cymbal!

Setup Anywhere

Use any 3/8" percussion mount to easily place your Crotale Machine anywhere, in any setup.

Set it and forget it!

What's Included...

Miller Machine Body.
1/2" Brass Ball Beater.
Adjustable Crotale Arm.
Crotale/Finger Cymbal Mount.
Upgrade parts for older Machine Bodies.

Shipped from Seattle, Washington.

(mount not included)

Photo of Billy Miller in his Miller Machine Workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Custom Designed

Everything's designed and built by Billy Miller in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.