The Miller Machine

Machine Body

The Machine Body can be combined with a Triangle Arm or a Finger Cymbal Arm to easily mount your favorite triangle or finger cymbal anywhere, in any setup.

  • Play with whatever stick, beater, or mallet you are using, no need to pick up or search for a triangle beater or a finger cymbal in your setup.
  • Use any 3/8" percussion clamp to easily place your Miller Machine anywhere, in any setup.
  • Custom made red latex beater with natural feel, excellent rebound, minimal stick attack, and great visibility in low-light environments.

Each Machine Body is handcrafted by Billy Miller at Miller Machine HQ in Seattle, Washington.

Choice of Black, or Flame Body and Brass, or Steel Beater.

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(triangle arm, triangle, finger cymbal arm, finger cymbal, and mounts, not included)

Love it, or return it for a full refund.