Beater Upgrade Kit

The most requested upgrade to The Miller Machine.

Upgrade any existing Miller Machine to hold one of these new custom designed solid body beaters.

The Beater Upgrade Kit comes with either a 5/16" Brass Beater for your Triangle Machine, or a 5/16" Steel Beater for your Finger Cymbal Machine.

Along with the beater you'll also get all the pieces and parts you need to convert any original Miller Machine to hold these beaters.

If you already own a Grover Pro Miller Machine (thank you!) you won't need this.

Don't forget to select either a brass beater (for triangle) or steel beater (for finger cymbal) below.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Shaw
Beater Upgrade

Making a great product even better. Simple upgrade in just a matter of minutes! Highly recommended!

Hi Alan. Thank you for this wonderful review!

What You'll Get

Custom Designed Solid Body 5/16" Brass, or Steel, Beater.

Custom Made Red Latex Striking Surface.

Hex Wrench.
(to remove old collar-lock)

Eyebolt with Grommet.
(to replace old eyebolt)

Retaining Ring.
(to hold beater in place)

Shipped from Seattle, Washington.

Easy to Upgrade, watch video below.

Photo of The Miller Machine Beater Upgrade Kit with a 5/16" Solid-Body Brass Beater for the Triangle Machine and a 5/16" Solid-Body Steel Beater for the Finger Cymbal Machine.
Photo of a Miller Machine Triangle Machine with the new Custom-Designed Solid-Body Brass Beater.

Custom Designed

The solid body beaters were custom designed specifically for The Miller Machine.

Length, weight, and balance (fulcrum) are all optimized for The Miller Machine. 

Custom Striking Surface

Includes the custom made red latex striking surface.

Excellent Rebound.
Natural Feel.
Minimal Stick Attack.
Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings.

Closeup of Finger Cymbal Machine custom made striking surface.
Photo of Miller Machine Triangle Machine and the parts that are included with your purchase. Miller Machine Body, Custom-Made 5/16" Brass Beater, Triangle Arm with Red Hanging Tie, Extra Hanging Ties.

Use Most Beaters

The Beater Upgrade Kit also makes it possible to mount ANY triangle beater with an 1/8" shaft on any existing Miller Machine.

This means you can use any size of your favorite Black Swamp, Dragonfly Percussion, Freer, Grover Pro, Stoessel etc... on your Miller Machine.

Built by Hand

Everything's designed and built by Billy Miller in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Photo of Billy Miller in his Miller Machine workshop in Seattle, Washington.

"Thankfully, the new beater upgrades arrived just in time to use them on this run!

I knew the upgraded beaters would be better, but I was really surprised with how good they sound! I still play the triangle by hand when I can for more control, but the sound between my Stoessel beaters and the brass beaters with the upgrade is nearly indistinguishable."

Matt Ordaz
La Mirada, California