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Triangle Arm

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Horizontal Mount

Everything's interchangeable. Mix and match all pieces.


Refurbished Horizontal Mount

May have a few minor scratches, works as good as new.

Guaranteed for the life of the Mount.


A new mount for your Miller Machine.

The Horizontal Mount uses two points to hang your triangle. This helps keep your triangle steady, even when playing very fast passages.

Combine this with any existing Miller Machine Body. All parts are interchangeable!

  • Mount your triangle horizontally for extra control
  • Easily mounted anywhere with a 3/8" percussion mount
  • Adjustable to hold triangles up to 10" in size
  • Powder coated for extra durability
  • Custom designed for The Miller Machine

Your triangle is suspended with rubber washers to keep it isolated from most sympathetic vibrations.

(triangle, mount, finger cymbal, and Miller Machine Body not included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
logan h.
Horizontal holder W/finger cymbal holder

Makes my life in musical pits a breeze. It frees my hands and shortens my wasted movements to reach my maximum playing potential, eliminating barriers of being able to play everything.

Thanks Logan! And thanks for taking the time to send in the review. Billy

Kent B.
I Dig the Ding

Thanks very much for your fantastic Triangle and Finger Cymbal Miller Machines. I used both of these in the pit during West Side Story and they saved me during the immediate switches from drum set. Both worked smoothly with my hands or sticks, were easily positioned, and are of good quality materials. I also appreciated the ability to make adjustments on each product so I could get the best sound possible from the instruments attached to them.
Kent Barnhart
South Bend Symphony Orchestra - Principle Percussion
Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra - Principle Timpani

Thanks for this wonderful review Kent, and I'm glad the Machines worked out for you. What a fun show to use them in! Billy

Dan H.
Horizontal Mount

The Miller Machine’s horizontal mount works amazingly well. Not limited to just a triangle holder. The finger cymbal attachment was well thought out, as we use these two instruments in tandem quite often. Another great product from Billy!

Thank you Dan! I really appreciate your comments!!! Billy

Your Purchase Includes

Adjustable Mounting Body.
Mounting Cylinders.
Mounting Rod.

Powder Coated for Extra Durability

Mount Anywhere, In Any Setup

Easily place your triangle in any setup, horizontally.


The triangle is suspended, and isolated, from the mounting body to increase resonance and sound quality.

What's this?

Include a finger cymbal in your setup.
Use a Finger Cymbal Mount and you're all set.

(finger cymbal and mount not included)

Custom Designed

Every Miller Machine product is designed and built by Billy in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Dig the Ding!