• Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More

Pageant - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s setup for Pageant: The Musical Comedy Beauty Competition at ACT Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

“This was for the premiere show of A Sensible Theatre Company in Seattle, Washington. It is a wonderful drum book, covering lots of different styles of music.

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Side Show - Broadway - Larry Lelli

Larry Lelli's drum set setup for the 2014/2015 Broadway Revival of Side Show at the St. James Theatre in New York City.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Regional - Paul Hansen

Paul Hansen's setup for the The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

"The Tam Tam has the mounted 'throw ‘n’ go' mallet mount."

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Miss Saigon - Tour - Russ Nyberg

Russ Nyberg's combined book setup for the 2018-2019 National Tour of Miss Saigon at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

"I remember the learning curve being a lot steeper verses other shows because there was a bit of choreography and memorization involved. I ran the show down every day to prep as a sub and it certainly benefitted me once I played my first show."

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Spamalot - International - Petter Nilsen

Petter Nilsen’s combined book setup for Spamalot at Romerike Folkehøgskole, in Jessheim, Norway.

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Curtains - International - Rob Holinaty

Rob Holinaty’s combined book setup for Curtains at the Drury Lane Theatre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

"I am running a microKORG as a MIDI controller through my MacBook Pro into MainStage..."

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Ain't Misbehavin' - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s setup for the Seattle Musical Theater's production of Ain’t Misbehavin’ in Seattle, Washington.

"The drums I chose on this production are refurbished vintage Ludwig’s that I put Slingerland Beavertails on."

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The Wizard of Oz - International - George English

George English’s setup for The Wizard of Oz at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.

"As you’ll see from the photos, there’s a large amount of gear, some might say excessive..."

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Life After - International - Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake's setup for the premiere of Life After at the Berkeley Street Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

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Chicago - International - Tim Sellars

Tim Sellars' setup for Chicago at the Court Theatre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

"For the ‘clank’ sound I went with a car brake drum..."

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Miss Saigon - Broadway - Ray Marchica

Ray Marchica's drum set setup for the 2017-2018 Broadway revival of Miss Saigon at the Broadway Theatre.

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Seussical - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s combined book setup for Seussical with Broadway Bound in Seattle, Washington.

“…I knew I would be juggling sticks, page turns, shakers, and beaters so as I was combining the books I was also working on my layout and choreography.”

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Bright Star - Tour - Steve Bartosik and Joe Mowatt

Joe Mowatt on Steve Bartosik’s setup for the National Tour of Bright Star.

"The use of a Remo Frame Drum on a towel on top of the floor tom made for a perfect ‘suitcase’ sound when played with Promark Broomsticks."

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Aladdin - Tour - Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor’s drum set setup for the North American tour of Aladdin at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

“I took the jingles off of an LP Cyclops Jingle Ring and placed a band of ankle bells on it instead, which I then attached to a DW Lowboy Hi Hat Pedal.”

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Ragtime - Regional - Paul Hansen

Paul Hansen’s setup for Ragtime at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

“Seen here are many of my usual stock effects…”

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Kid Victory - Regional - Greg Landes

Greg Landes’ setup for John Kander’s Kid Victory at the Vineyard Theatre in New York City.

“Michael Starobin did his usual brilliant work with the orchestrations and the drum/percussion book and I always felt challenged musically and engaged throughout the show.”

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Between The Lines - Regional - Sam Wisman

Sam Wisman’s setup for the world premiere and regional tryout of Between The Lines at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The styles and sounds required range from classic Broadway to swing, vaudeville, orchestral, rock, and disco.”

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Groundhog Day - Broadway - Howard Joines

Howard Joines’ setup from the 2017 Broadway production of Groundhog Day at the August Wilson Theatre in New York City.

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Dreamgirls - Regional - Jim Reif

Jim Reif’s drum set setup for Dreamgirls at the Village Theater in Seattle, Washington.

“The fun never stops and the train keeps on moving.”

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Kiss Me Kate - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s combined book setup for the Seattle Musical Theaters production of Kiss Me Kate in Seattle, Washington.

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Finding Neverland - Tour - Greg Germann

Greg Germann’s combined book setup for the National tour of the Broadway show Finding Neverland at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

“The orchestra read was really fun because Elliott Kennedy, the composer and Simon Hale, the orchestrator, were open to letting me try out a few new things.”

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Bandstand - Broadway - Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe’s setup for the Broadway production of Bandstand at the Bernard B Jacobs Theatre in New York City.

“When the onstage drummer is playing, I’m either tacet or playing percussion.”

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - International - Rob Holinaty

Rob Holinaty’s setup for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Drury Lane Theatre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

“Incorporating the electronics has saved me a lot of space without sacrificing parts of the score.”

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Urinetown - Regional - Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts’ setup for Urinetown at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

“…This was when I was told the pit was literally a pit (no stairs, or elevators) and the only access were two ladders (one on either side)”

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Seussical - Regional - Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts’ combined book for the Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School production of Seussical in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

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Fiddler On The Roof - Regional - Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts’ setup for Fiddler On The Roof at the Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

“I played around with my cymbal choices a bit but went with a 16" and 18" crash. There isn't very much ‘riding’ and I wanted the option to be able to have two crash sounds.”

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Evita - International - Tim Sellars

Tim Sellars’ drum set setup for Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Evita at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“You may notice that I have the majority of my cymbals on my left side as well as a floor tom to the left of the hi-hat. This is due to me being a left hander, playing on a right handed kit.”

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Memphis - Regional - Whitney Kessling

Whitney Kessling’s setup for Memphis at the Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, Tennessee.

“It was a pretty straight forward drum set show, and fortunately it used a triangle for one song, so I got to use my Miller Machine!”

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Book of Mormon - London's West End - Tim Goodyer

Tim Goodyer's drum set setup for Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London's West End.See more...

Fame - Tour - Brett Beiersdorfer

brett-beiersdorfer-fame-the-musical-combinedSee more...

New York Spectacular at Radio City - Joshua Mark Samuels

Joshua's Mark Samuels' drum set setup for the New York Spectacular at Radio City.

"This show was incredible not just because the orchestra and music was fantastic, but also because during one number in the middle of the show, the percussionist and I got off the band car, changed into costumes and headed up to the stage where we ran down the aisle and performed bucket solos."

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Something Rotten - Broadway - Perry Cavari

Perry Cavari's drum set setup for the 2015/2017 original Broadway production of Something Rotten at the St James Theatre.

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Mary Poppins - International - Nick Apivor

Nick Apivor's combined set up for Mary Poppins at the Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

"As I was the only percussionist I needed to cover both percussion 1 and 2 books."

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The King and I - Broadway - Dan Haskins

Dan Haskins' percussion set up for Lincoln Center Theater’s production of The King and I, winner of the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical Revival.

"This was the largest orchestra running on Broadway at 29 players, and also the largest cast at 51 actors/dancers. The drum-set and percussion parts were all played by one person."

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Finding Neverland - Broadway - Joe Choroszewski

Joe Choroszewski’s drum set setup for the Broadway production of Finding Neverland at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.
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Fiddler On The Roof - Broadway - Kory Grossman

Kory Grossman's combined book set up for the 2015-2016 Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof at the Broadway Theatre.

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Cinderella - Regional - Richard Hilms

Richard Hilms' setup for Cinderella.See more...

Mary Poppins - Regional - Joe Beam

Joe Beam's drum-set setup for Mary Poppins at Theatre Under the Stars in Houston, Texas.See more...

Tarzan - Regional - Rob Fedson

Rob Fedson's setup for Tarzan at the Palace Theatre in Georgetown, Texas (Austin area).

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Cinderella - Regional - David Glover

David Glover's setup for Cinderella at the North Allegheny Senior High School just North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.See more...

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - Regional - Alec Wilmart

Alec Wilmart's drum set setup for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

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A Christmas Story - Tour - Matt Watson

Matt Watson's setup for the tour of A Christmas Story.

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Avenue Q - Regional - Mike Wecker

Mike Wecker’s setup for Avenue Q at the Paper Wing Theatre in Monterey, California.

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In The Heights - Regional - Brett Beiersdorfer

Brett Beiersdorfer's setup for In the Heights at the CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, New York.

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Next to Normal - International - Tim Collins

Tim Collins' setup for Next to Normal at Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia.

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On the 20th Century - Broadway - Eric Borghi

Eric's Borghi's setup for the 2015 Broadway revival of On the Twentieth Century at the American Airlines Theatre in New York City.
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Beauty and the Beast - Regional - Jaren Angud

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Wicked - Broadway - Matt Vander Ende

Matt Vander Ende's drum set setup from the currently running Broadway production of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre.

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Side Show - Broadway Cast Album - Larry Lelli

Larry Lelli's drum set setup for the recording session at Avatar Studios, New York City, for the 2014/2015 Broadway Revival of Side Show.

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Lion King - Broadway - Carter McLean

Carter McLean's drum set setup for the Broadway production of Lion King currently running at the Minskoff Theatre.

"The best part of this show is all the styles you get to play. It has an African/Pop core and then branches off to Rock, Latin, R&B Ballads, and Big Drum breaks."

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Matilda - Broadway - Howard Joines

Howard Joines’ setup from the 2013-2017 Broadway production of Matilda at the Shubert Theater in New York City. See more...

Aladdin - Broadway - John Redsecker

John Redsecker’s drum set setup for the Broadway production of Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City.

May 2014

Crazy For You - Regional - Ryan McCausland

Ryan McCausland's drum set setup for Crazy for You at the Hammonton Youth Theatre in Hammonton, New JerseySee more...

Motown The Musical - Broadway - Buddy Williams

Buddy William's drum set setup for the Broadway production of Motown the Musical.See more...

Vanities - Regional - Dale Baker

Dale Baker's setup for a production of Vanities at the Theatre Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina.See more...

Newsies - Broadway - Paul Davis

Paul Davis' setup for the Broadway production of Newsies at the Nederlander Theatre in New York City.

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Big Fish - Broadway - Perry Cavari

Perry Cavari's drum set setup for the Broadway production of Big Fish at the Neil Simon Theatre.

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Evita - Tour - Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe's drum set setup for the National Tour of Evita.

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The Witches of Eastwick - International - Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson's setup for The Witches Of Eastwick at the Derby Theatre in Derby, United Kingdom.See more...

Life Could Be A Dream - Off Broadway - Adam Wolfe

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Cinderella - Broadway - Rich Rosenzweig

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Avenue Q - Off-Broadway - Joe Choroszewski

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Chicago - Regional - Joe Beam

Joe Beam's set-up for Chicago at The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas.

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Annie - Broadway - Eric Poland

Eric Poland's drum set setup from the Broadway revival of Annie at the Palace Theatre.See more...

Nice Work If You Can Get it - Broadway - Eric Poland

Eric Poland's vintage drum set setup for Nice Work If You Can Get It from the 2012/2013 Broadway production at the Imperial Theatre in New York City.

"My goal was to get a sound closest to calf without having to deal with the upkeep and inconsistencies of natural heads.”

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Chaplin - Broadway - Shannon Ford

Shannon Ford - Chaplin Setup Shot
Shannon Ford's setup for the Broadway production of Chaplin The Musical.

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Assassins - Regional - Patrick Morrow

Patrick Morrow's setup from The Milwaukee Rep production of Assassins.

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Hello Again - Off-Broadway - David Vincola

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Fiddler On The Roof - Broadway - Billy Miller

Billy Miller’s setup for the 2004-2006 Broadway revival of Fiddler On The Roof.

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