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The Miller Machine

Block Machine

Block Machine

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Brand New!

The new Block Machine has a unique curved mounting arm that can accommodate most types of blocks, and bells, making it easy to place (and play) a block, or bell, anywhere in your setup.

Includes the new custom-designed soft/hard ball beater, built specifically for the Block Machine.

Ideal for hand drummers, Musical Theatre pit work, dance classes, or when you need an extra hand.

Enjoy creating unique tones and sounds with this new Miller Machine.

Think Outside The Block.

Big thanks to Guido Meyer for the inspiration.

More below.

[blocks, bells, mount, not included]

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Can be used with many types of blocks, and bells.

Tested with: Brass Lasagna Bright Bell, LP Cha Cha Bell, LP Blast Blocks, LP Jam Block High (blue), LP Piccolo Jam Block (orange), LP Sambago Blocks, Pearl Ash Tone Block (Hi Pitch), Tycoon 4" Temple Block, Tycoon Small Mountable Wood Block.

Soft and Hard

The unique Block Beater has a solid inner core with a softer outer latex layer. When played soft you get a nice warm sound, when hit harder the inner nylon core is able to speak giving you a brighter, more articulate sound.

Added weight to the front of the beater helps with beater balance and increased articulation at louder volumes.

Striking Surface

Similar to other Miller Machines, the new Block Machine uses the same custom-made red latex striking surface, that gives you:

  • A Natural Feel
  • Excellent Rebound
  • Minimal Stick Attack
  • Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings

Block Arm

The Block Arm's unique "S" shape helps accommodate many different types of blocks, and bells.

The Upside-Down

Remember to flip the block, and sometimes the bell, upside-down, so the Block Beater will hit the most appropriate side.

Anywhere, Any Setup

Use any 3/8" percussion mount to position your Block Machine anywhere, in any setup.

Easy to setup.

Set it, and forget it.

Mount Suggestions

What's Included

  • Block "S" Arm
  • Machine Body
  • Block Beater

Boxed, and ready to ship, from Seattle, Washington.

Billy Built

Designed and built by Broadway Drummer/Percussionist Billy Miller in Seattle, Washington.

Thank you for your support!

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Unboxing and Setting Up

Think Outside The Block

Ideal for hand drummers, Musical Theatre pit work, dance classes, or when you need an extra hand.

In The Wild

Block Machine Promo Video

Block Arm and Beater

Already have a Miller Machine Body?

The Block Arm and Beater are also available separately.

Add one to your existing Regular, or Plus Machine Body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Roger (Edmond, OK, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Word of Mouth
Making the impossible possible!

I've been the Drummer/Percussionist for a regional summer musical theater organization for the last 25 years, and it's becoming increasingly rare that I don't have at least 1 Miller Machine in my set up. I now own 4 of these devices (Finger Cymbal, Block, and 2 Triangle Machines). Thank you Billy Miller for making life in the pit so much easier!

Thank you for your continued support Roger, and this wonderful review! Billy

Matthew H. (Hazelwood, MO, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Facebook
A great innovation once again!

The Miller Machine and the new Block Machine are game changers for the working percussionist, and in the high school or collegiate ensemble. Thank you!

Matthew, thank you for the review, I really aprreciate it! Glad you're enjoying the new Machine. Billy

Alan S. (Irondale, AL, US)
New Block Machine

Once again, Mr. Miller has created a great machine for the multi-percussionist. This simple, well made product, is extremely helpful with or bell/block passages in which stick/mallet changes are not possible. Easy to mount and very adaptable.

Alan! Thank you for this wonderful review, glad you like it! Billy

Steve A. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Love the woodblock machine

I recently purchased the woodblock machine to use in a run of My Fair Lady which has a lot of woodblock. The machine itself is great (as is with all of the Miller machines). I used it with my large black swamp woodblock which allowed me to have a much warmer woodblock tone compared to the normal plastic block I would've used just with a drum stick. I love having this because it gives me many more options of blocks that I can use in the pit.

Thank you Steve! I really enjoyed seeing the show and getting a chance to hear you play. Glad you like the new Machine. Billy