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Triangle Plus


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Triangle Arm


Finger Cym Arm

Plus Body

Horizontal Mount

All pieces interchangeable. Mix and match.

Beater Upgrade Kit

Extra Plastic Ties

Finger Cymbal Mount

Triangle Suspension Mount

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Photo of The Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with new custom steel beater, being played with a brown yarn mallet.
Photo of The Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with new custom steel beater being played with a ProMark Hot Rod.

Play your triangle with any implement

Hands Free

Place anywhere... in any setup

Play With Confidence

Tired of searching for your triangle beater in your setup?

With The Miller Machine, your triangle beater is always there, ready to play.

One less thing to worry about.

Photo of a Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with the new 5/16" solid body steel beater.
Photo of a Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with the new 5/16" solid body steel beater being played with a wire brush.

Easy to Play

Play your triangle with whatever you have in your hand.

You can even use a brush.

Always get a great triangle sound, no matter what implement you use.

Easy to Setup

Place your triangle, anywhere, in any setup.

Set it and forget it.

One less thing to think about during your performance.

Photo of a Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with the new custom designed solid body steel beater.
Photo of a Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with the new 5/16" solid body steel beater.

Better Beater

Every Miller Machine comes with the custom designed 5/16" solid body steel beater.

Older Miller Machine?

Upgrade Kit below.

Upgrade Kit

All previous versions of The Miller Machine can be upgraded to use the new custom designed 5/16" solid body steel beater.

Photo of Billy Miller in his Miller Machine Workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Billy Built

Every Miller Machine product is designed and built by Billy Miller in his workshop in Seattle, Washington.

There is no other!

Whether you're working as a multi-percussionist, or just looking to add a new sound to your drum set, this is essential to any setup. Billy's customer service is the upmost professional, and continues well past the purchase.
Alan S. ★★★★★

Based on 164 reviews
Miller Machine Plus

This new machine is wonderful! The beater angle adjustments work very well, and the metal body is a nice upgrade. The new suspension mount is particularly nice. It seems to keep the triangle a bit more still when playing the triangle with a beater normally (not using the triggered beater) which I like to do when possible.

Hi Will, I'm glad the Plus Machine is working out for you, and thank you for the review! Billy

Triangle Machine
Christopher B.

The Miller Machine has come in handy, and has been fantastic for orchestral performances, and in the band classroom for my students with disabilities!

Thank you for your order Chris, and this wonderful review! Billy

Triangle Machine
Edwin C.
Great service, great product!

I’d been meaning to get a Triangle Machine for a little while, until eventually I got around to pulling the trigger on it. I got in touch with Billy to ask where best to source one to send to the UK, and he took care of everything from there easy peasy (by the way, the place to get them overseas is direct from him!). Service and shipping were brilliant and took no time at all, Billy was a gent throughout, and to top it off the product is such a well designed and made tool for what was previously such an inconvenient issue. Thanks Billy, great job!

Thank you so much Ed! Was happy to help with your order. Keep in touch! Billy

Triangle Machine
Brian K.
The Miller Machine

Absolutely wonderful percussion assistant for performance of triangles, crotales, finger cymbals. Billy is a master craftsman who created a superior mechanism that allows pinpoint accuracy in performance. A must have for all percussionist.
Brian Kirk

Thank you for this wonderful review Brian, I really appreciate it! Billy

Works perfectly!

I use this for a church musical performance and it works great! No need to drop a drumstick and pick up a metal beater, just use a drumstick to strike the Miller Machine and keep going! Thanks!

Hi Rick, thank you for this wonderful review, I'm glad it's working out for you! Billy

Makes life easy!

I purchased the Miller Triangle Machine and Finger Cymbal Machine and both are indispensable whether I’m playing a show or orchestral piece. Extremely well made and I get the sound I want!

Thank you Joseph, I'm glad the Machines are working out for you! Billy

Beater Upgrades

I recently purchased the beater upgrade for both my legacy triangle and finger cymbal machines. The sound improvement is amazing with no impact to feel or playability. I also purchased the new and improved finger cymbal mount which works great. Thanks Billy!!

Brian, thank you so much for your review, I appreciate it! Billy

Good upgrade to mount

Thanks Jeff! Glad you like it. Billy

Triangle Machine
julie j.
For this show - a Godsend!

I have resisted buying this device but when faced with the HONEYMOON IN VEGAS score I had to join the ranks! So glad that i did .. and Billy’s customer service went above and beyond.

Thank you for the review Julie! I appreciate it. Billy

Awesome Machine, Awesome Guy!

My girlfriend got me a Triangle Machine for Christmas and Billy was kind enough to meet us at his workshop, show us around and chat drums and shows for a while. You can tell Billy loves what he does always trying to improve his machines and is a really down to earth guy too. Highly recommend!

Was great hanging out with you Bob! Thank you for the review. Keep in touch. Billy

Great upgrade!!

The upgrade for the Miller Machine is great! I have 2 machines, and find them invaluable in any musical theater show. Setup is quick and easy and it just works! I’ve even given them as gifts!

Thank you Brian! Billy

Great product!

Great craftsmanship. The triangle sounds just like it would. It’s effortless. Play it with your hand or stick. Got a triangle part that needs open and closed sounds? You can do that with the miller machine, too. Great tool for the working percussionist/drummer.

Xavier! Thank you for this great review. Have fun with your new Machine. Billy

Beater Upgrade Kit
Barbara M.

I recently added the upgraded steel beater to my Miller Machine Horizontal set up. It has a lot more clarity than the original beater and I'm very happy with it. That said, it was a little clunky with the combination of the triangle I used (8" - not sure of brand) and things I had to play. Highly recommend all the Miller products!

Thank you for your feedback Barbara.

Ive got a couple thoughts about how we can find a sound that might work better for you. First off, try switching to the brass beater and see how that works. You can also use any other beater that has an 1/8' shaft. So, Stoessel, Grover, Black Swamp, Dragonfly etc... can be used on the Machine. If you have a favorite beater, put it on there, see if that works. They're easy to swap, here's a video (link below) showing you how it's done. Let me know how that goes. Thanks! Billy

So good!

Miller machine products are top notch, and with the upgrade kits I just purchased, they’re even better! It’s all so practical and useful. Can’t play shows without them.

Thank you Lane! I'm glad the upgrade kits are working out for you! Billy

Triangle Machine
Ángel C.

They´re much more practical and useful than I thought at first. Easy to adjust and fulfills its purpose impeccably. I have the triangle machine and the finger cymbal machine, and both are fantastic. Thank you very much Billy

Thank you for your wonderful review Ángel! Billy

Triangle Machine
Randy F.

This is exactly what I needed. Amazing quality. It makes quick transitions so easy! Thank you! I highly recommend this!

Thank you for the review Randy! Billy

Giving my pa-rum-pum-pums some flair!!

I bought the triangle machine years ago and have refused to ever play the triangle normally (sans machine) again. With the holiday season in full swing, I got signed on to play a classic arrangement of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” with a Hal Blaine style finger cymbal/snare groove. I knew it was finally time to gift myself a finger cymbal machine and it did not disappoint. It took a little time to dial in the height adjustment and the feel of the beater but after that I was dinging in the holidays with style.

Thanks Gordon! Glad you were able to get it dialed in. Billy

Triangle Machine
Jacob B.
Great Product!

I love the design and ease of use that this machine offers in the pit! Is there any kind of case or way to store/protect the device while moving or in storage? I would hate for it to break.

Thank you Jacob! I'm still trying to come up with a good solution for a storage case. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Billy

Triangle Arm
Elizabeth A.
Great update to triangle arm

I really like this update. There’s a safety loop just in case you have a failure mid show and the increased stability of the hang lets your triangle stay still for manual and fast playing. Solid improvements on an already great product.

Thank you Liz! Billy

Triangle Machine
Sheila N.

Triangle Machine

Thank you Sheila! Billy

Finger Cymbal Machine
Maurizio C.
fantastic finger cymbals machine

works perfectly, is versatile and precise. heartfelt thanks to Billy

Thanks Maurizio! I appreciate your business. Billy

Couldn’t be happier!

Such a fantastic product. I’ve wanted one for ages and got in touch with Billy directly. Quick and efficient service. Very happy customer!

Thank you for the awesome review Chris! Enjoy your Machine. Billy

Horizontal Mount
Barbara M.

This Horizontal Mount is the perfect addition to my Merrily We Roll Along show set up. I have the original Miller Machine set up next to it. This allows me to have the variety of triangles, and methods of playing I need to play all the different ways the triangle is orchestrated into the score. Highly recommend it!

Thank you Barbara! Have fun with Merrily. Billy

Triangle Machine
Carmine F.

It’s an amazing and convenient invention. I don’t know how I’ve gotten through life without this...

Thank you Carmine, I really appreciate your business and taking the time to send a review! Billy

A Must Purchase

I've got several miller machines old and new (including the triangle and finger cymbal machines). As good as the original triangle machine was, the Triangle Machine Plus is even better. Better beater from the original - but being able to angle the beater in relation to the triangle is even better. This is a "must have" not only from a musical theater perspective, but also an symphonic perspective.

Thank you Drew, I really appreciate this! Billy


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I have compiled a list of mounts that I know about and recommend for use with The Miller Machine.

However, this list is far from exhaustive, and as long as the mount will receive the mounting arms 3/8" rod, it will work. This applies to all Miller Machines.

I recommend triangles up to 7", or 8".

If your triangle is a bit larger than the recommendation, it still may work, and I have a few tricks that may help eke out a bit more space.

I've used these finger cymbals on the Machine. Dream, Meinl, Sabian, TreeWorks, Weiss, and Zildjian.

You can use any brand of finger cymbal as long as the mounting hole is at least 3/16th's of an inch so the finger cymbal can move freely on the mounting arm.

Yes, absolutely! The Machine is designed to allow for the full degree of musical expression achievable through traditional triangle playing techniques.

Always happy to answer any question(s) you may have. Send a message.