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The Miller Machine

Percussion Machines designed and built by Broadway Drummer/Percussionist
Billy Miller

Block Machine

Brand New!

Add a block, or bell, anywhere in your setup.

Ideal for hand drummers, Musical Theatre pit work, or when you just need an extra hand.

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Photo of The Miller Machine, Triangle Machine with 5/16" Solid-Body Steel Beater, and redesigned Triangle Suspension mount.

Triangle Machine

Play your triangle with any stick, mallet, brush, or even your hand.

Especially helpful in a modern pit setting, where you're expected to play multiple instruments at once.

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Triangle Machine Plus

Go from a focused sound (ideal for pit work) to a wide spread of overtones (great for orchestral and contemporary settings).

The Plus Machine comes from a collaboration between Billy Miller, and Neil Grover, of Grover Pro Percussion.

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Horizontal Machine

Hang your triangle horizontally. This keeps your triangle steady, even during fast passages.

Ideal for Front Ensembles and other marching situations.

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Photo of Finger Cymbal Machine by The Miller Machine which includes the new Adjustable Arm and new Solid Body Steel Beater.

Finger Cymbal Machine

No need to search for your finger cymbal in your setup, it'll always be there, ready to play.

Set it and forget it.

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"Absolute Game Changer"

Hear hear to this 👍🏻👍🏻

Took me 20 years of struggling, dropping beaters, sticks, missing an important ‘ting’ and seeing if I could somehow hold the beater in my rear end, before I discovered The Miller Machine.

Absolute game changer 👍🏻👍🏻 And no more beaters in my rear end 😀👍🏻😅

Andy S. Verified Buyer, UK

How They're Made

Miller Machine Love from Pete

Customer Reviews

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Rob B. (Omaha, NE, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Other
Just buy one now!

Just happened across these guys while looking at something else, and likely one of the best finds ever!! So many times I've had to forego or miss a triangle part due to not having the time to switch beaters to sticks of vice-versa. The Miller Machine eliminates that problem, yet still leaves the triangle exposed to play a "roll' with a seperate beater if needed!! Great product, works fantastic. Like I said, just buy one for yourself!!!

This is wonderful, Thank you Rob!

Danl S. (New York, NY, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Word of Mouth
A unique and valuable tool

The Miller Machine came to my attention when a drummer on a show came through my theatre. It solves both the problem mounting a triangle and playing it without the hassle of traditional methods. No more spring clips or hunting for the beater. The Miller Machine gives a consistency of chime with every tap of the mechanism.

Thank you Dan! Billy

Jenn T. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Word of Mouth, Other
Miller Triangle Machine

We have to give our customers at Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.) what they want! The customers have been asking for the Miller Triangle Machine and they now can rent one anytime they're in NYC - thanks for the speedy shipping Billy!

Jenn, thank you for this lovely review! Many fond memories of rehearsals at SIR. Billy

Andrew M. (Pasadena, CA, US)
How did you hear about The Miller Machine?: Word of Mouth
Perfect machine

Such a convenient and beautifully simple device - thank you!

Thank you Andrew! Billy