Triangle and Finger Cymbal Machines

No need to pick up a beater to play a triangle or finger cymbal

Stand Mountable Triangle and Finger Cymbal Machines

Custom made red latex beater has great rebound, minimal stick attack, and improves visibility in dark settings.

The Miller Machine

Tired of switching sticks just to play that one triangle note?

Does the thought of missing an important cue make you anxious and unable to concentrate?

Do you lose your appetite just thinking about how you'll make that quick stick change?

Try a Miller Machine!

It will ease your fears and bring more joy to your life.

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Also Available for Finger Cymbal

No need to pick up or search for your finger cymbals in your setup.

Includes the new and improved Finger Cymbal Mount that increases resonance and makes your finger cymbal sound awesome!


"Your customer service is absolutely superb...

as are your products.

I'm using four Miller Machines, all from slightly different eras and I noticed all the little changes you've made to the product over the years.

To me that speaks to an incredible attention to perfection and detail, it seems like you're constantly trying to improve your product, even when your product is already excellent."

Corey A. from Warren, Michigan

Grover Pro Triangle Machine

Designed in collaboration with Neil Grover from Grover Pro Percussion.

This Triangle Machine has many new adjustment features and includes a Grover 5/16" Brass Tubular Beater.


Triangle Arm

Can also be used to place a triangle anywhere in your setup.

Extra hanging ties included with every order.



Both the Triangle Machine and Finger Cymbal Machine are available with super cool flames.

New and Improved Finger Cymbal Mount


Stand Mountable

Setup Shots

Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More.

Ryan McCausland’s setup for the National Tour of Dear Evan Hansen. 

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Hand Built

Every Miller Machine is hand built by me at Miller Machine HQ in Seattle, Washington.

Thanks for looking!

Billy Miller