Stand Mountable Triangle Machine

No need to pick up a beater to play your triangle

Stand Mountable Triangle Machine

Sacrificing Sound for Convenience?

Afraid of missing that really important triangle cue?

Misplacing your triangle beater or unable to find it in your darkened pit setup?

Placing your beater in your mouth?

Play your triangle with whatever stick, beater, or mallet you have in your hand.

No need to search for your triangle beater ever again.

Easy to Use

Great for Musical Theater, Dance Classes, Recording Sessions, Singer/Songwriter Performances, Multi-Percussion Setups...

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Stand Mountable

Place your triangle anywhere in your setup.

Use any mount that holds a 3/8" rod.
Mount Suggestions

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Built by Hand

Each Machine is designed and hand built by me at Miller Machine HQ, in Seattle, Washington.

Billy Miller

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Also Available for Finger Cymbal

No need to pick up or search for your finger cymbals in your setup.

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