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Hands Free Triangle Playing

All the pieces and parts you'll need to upgrade your original Miller Machine to the new brass or steel beaters.
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Whether you’re working as a multi-percussionist, or just looking to add a new sound to your drum set, this is essential to any setup. Billy’s customer service is the upmost professional, and continues well past the purchase."
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Common questions you may have.

October 2021 Update.

All Triangle Machines now come standard with a custom designed 5/16" brass beater.

The Finger Cymbal Machine has a 5/16" steel beater.

This update also makes it possible for you to use any size of your own favorite Stoessel, Grover Pro, Black Swamp, Dragonfly Percussion, Freer... or even the Shelley Tear Drop Beaters on your Machine.

A Beater Upgrade Kit is available for all previous versions of Miller Machines.

I have compiled a List of Mounts that I know about and recommend for use with The Miller Machine. However, this list is far from exhaustive, and as long as the mount will receive the mounting arms 3/8" rod, it will work. This applies to all Miller Machines.

Here is a list of finger cymbals on the Finger Cymbal Machine page that I've tried and work nicely with The Machine.

Generally speaking, you can use any brand of finger cymbal as long as the mounting hole is at least 3/16th's of an inch so the finger cymbal can move freely on the mounting arm.

I ship to many countries, if yours is not included in the shipping options, send me a message.

Due to COVID, shipping delays can be painfully long. Because of this, I ship via DHL Worldwide Express, or UPS Worldwide Expedited. They can be more expensive ($35 to $40US) but VERY reliable and VERY fast. And much cheaper than buying via a distributor within your own country.

There is a Lifetime Guarantee on everything I sell. If you don't love it, return it for a full refund, no questions asked :)

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Happy to send you replacement parts, just send me a message.

Once your order ships, you'll receive an email that contains your tracking number. If you need extra help send me a message.

For the standard Machine, I recommend triangles up to 8". For the Grover Pro and Hybrid Machines, up to 10".

If your triangle is a bit larger than the recommendation, it still may work (and I have some tricks up my sleeve that may help eke out a bit more space).

Whatever you are comfortable with and works for you will work for The Miller Machine. The Machine is designed to be an extension of whatever is in your hand(s) at any given moment.

Yes, absolutely! The Machine is designed to allow for the full degree of musical expression achievable through traditional triangle playing techniques.

The Grover Pro Miller Machine is available in the US at Steve Weiss Music.

I'm always happy to answer any question(s) you may have. Please get in touch