Finger Cymbal

Triangle Plus


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Triangle Arm


Finger Cym Arm

Plus Body

Horizontal Mount

All pieces interchangeable. Mix and match.

Beater Upgrade Kit

Extra Plastic Ties

Finger Cymbal Mount

Triangle Suspension Mount

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Long Sleeve


Short Sleeve


Long Sleeve

International Orders

I ship all International Orders via DHL Express Worldwide. It's reasonably priced and can be quite fast, usually takes between 5-7 days anywhere in the World.

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Below is a rough estimate of pricing for Shipping, Duties, and Taxes for an order of one Triangle Machine.

6-8 Days, Shipping A$71.00, No Duties, Taxes A$15.70

3-5 Days, Shipping C$39.00, No Duties, Taxes (13%) C$9.24

3-5 Days, Shipping €34,95, No Duties, Taxes (24%) €21,82

4-6 Days, Shipping €32,95, No Duties, Taxes (20%) €17,18

5-7 Days, Shipping €32,95, No Duties, Taxes €16,32

4-6 Days, Shipping €32,95, No Duties, Taxes €19,76

4-6 Days, Shipping ¥5,400 , No Duties, Taxes (10%) ¥1,350

3-5 Days, Shipping USD$27.62, No Duties, Taxes (17%) USD$14.21

3-5 Days, Shipping €27,95, No Duties, Taxes (21%) €16,99

3-5 Days, Shipping USD$35.02, No Duties, Taxes (25%) USD$22.74

South Korea:
4-6 Days, Shipping ₩43,000, No Duties, No Taxes

3-5 Days, Shipping €32,95, No Duties, Taxes €18,04

4-6 Days, Shipping kr$521,00, No Duties, Taxes (25%) kr$278,75

United Kingdom:
3-5 Days, Shipping £30,10, No Duties, Taxes (20%) £17,21

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Thank you!
Billy Miller


From James S., United Kingdom

"Hi Billy,

Thanks for that. I've been meaning to get one of your machines for years but have never been lucky enough to find them in stock either at JAM or Thomann.

Had I realised how easy it was to buy direct I would have done so ages ago. It was really great to have it come up in GBP (British Pound) and to not have to jump through hoops like I had to with Sweetwater.

We've got to do Carmina with timps, plus three, rather than the usual five and in a confined space so I've done a huge rewrite of the parts and utilised my Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 to try to cover as much as possible. I'll try to take some photos of the machine in situ.

All the best and have a good holiday weekend."