Finger Cymbal

Triangle Plus


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Triangle Arm


Finger Cym Arm

Plus Body

Horizontal Mount

All pieces interchangeable. Mix and match.

Beater Upgrade Kit

Extra Plastic Ties

Finger Cym. Mount

Triangle Suspension Mount

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Brown/Gold Cap

Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

Grey/Black Cap

Custom designed exclusively for The Miller Machine.

Finger Cymbal Mount

Custom designed Finger Cymbal Mount for The Miller Machine.

Combined with the Finger Cymbal Arm, this mount helps Isolate your finger cymbal so there's no perceptible rattle, or noise when played on a Finger Cymbal Machine.

Get an extra one to use with the Horizontal Machine.

(finger cymbal, Miller Machine Body, Finger Cymbal Arm, not included.

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Customer Reviews

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Sal M.
Absolutely necessary for the working percussionist

I’ve used my miller machine on almost every theatre production I’ve done for the last several years. It’s become such a staple tool for us percussionist that now I see percussion books that actually ask for the miller machine specifically. I own both the original triangle machine and the finger cymbal machine and will definitely be adding more to my collection as I need them - absolutely necessary.

Sal, Thank you! And thanks for all your support! Billy

Bruce C.
So great that I can't believe someone didn't build this 30 years ago!

Billy's Miller Machine is exactly what pit players have needed forever. I was subbing for a show when I first discovered it and immediately bought one and it's transformed how I can manage triangles, finger cymbals, and more in my pit work. I now own two so I can used them on triangle and finger cymbal at the same time, or stack pit work and have one for two shows. It's simple, brilliant, and 100% useful. And its so smart, I can't believe someone didn't build something like this 30 years ago! Bravo Billy!

This is awesome Bruce, thank you! Billy

Lee C.

The Miller Machine Finger Cymbal Arm is an invaluable tool for any percussionist. The moveable finger cymbal mounting screw enables the user to position any size finger cymbal for an exact striking position to obtain the perfect sound.

Thank you Lee! Have a great clinic at the USARD convention. Billy

Alan M.

Finger Cymbal Machine

Thank you Alan, I appreciate your support! Billy