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The Miller Machine

Block Arm and Beater

Block Arm and Beater

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Brand New!

Already own a Miller Machine Body? The Block Arm and Beater works great with your existing Machine Body, and are a great addition to your setup.

This new combo makes it easy to place, and play, a block (or bell) anywhere in your setup.

Especially handy for hand drummers.

Think Outside The Block.

[Machine Body, all blocks, all bells, mount, not included]

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Soft and Hard

The new Block Beater has a solid inner core with a softer outer latex layer. When played soft you get a nice warm sound, when hit harder the inner nylon core is able to speak giving you a brighter, more articulate sound.

Added weight to the front of the beater helps with beater balance and increased articulation at louder volumes.


Works with many types of blocks, and bells.

Tested with: Brass Lasagna Bright Bell, LP Cha Cha Bell, LP Blast Blocks, LP Jam Block High (blue), LP Piccolo Jam Block (orange), LP Sambago Blocks, Pearl Ash Tone Block (Hi Pitch), Tycoon 4" Temple Block, Tycoon Small Mountable Wood Block.

Unique Design

The unique "S" shape of the Block Arm helps accommodate many different types of blocks, and bells.

What You Get

  • Block Mounting "S" Arm
  • Block Beater

Boxed, ready to ship,
from Seattle, Washington.

Photo of Billy Miller in his Miller Machine workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Billy Built

Designed and built in Seattle, Washington, by Broadway Drummer/Percussionist Billy Miller