The Miller Machine

Triangle Machine

"There is no other! Whether you’re working as a multi-percussionist, or just looking to add a new sound to your drum set, this is essential to any setup. Billy’s customer service is the upmost professional, and continues well past the purchase." Alan S. ★

Afraid of missing important triangle cues?

Fumbling for your misplaced beater?

Sacrificing sound quality for convenience?

The Miller Machine allows you to play your triangle with any stick, mallet, or brush, and frees you from clumsy and difficult implement choreography.

  • Easily positioned anywhere in your setup
  • Adjustable to fit different size triangles
  • Great visibility in dark pit settings
  • Easily packed in your stick bag

Choice of Black, or Flame body. Make your selection above.

Place Anywhere, In Any Setup

Use any 3/8" percussion mount to easily place your Miller Machine in any setup.

Custom Made Beater

Every Miller Machine comes with a custom made red latex beater that has:
Excellent Rebound
Natural Feel
Minimal Stick Attack
Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings

Be confident you'll always get a great triangle sound.

Your Triangle Machine Purchase Includes

Miller Machine Body (Black or Flame) with 5/16" brass beater.
Triangle Arm with red hanging tie.
Extra hanging ties.

Plus some goodies!

All of this is shipped from Seattle, Washington.

All you need is your favorite triangle and mount.

Every Miller Machine is hand built by Billy in his workshop in Seattle.

"Just want to give a shout out to Billy Miller and The Miller Machine.

I’ve played a lot of Broadway shows with The Miller Machine, and a lot without, and you want The Miller Machine in your setup.

I would say it’s become just part of the gear that you have when you setup for a show. It’s taken an enormous amount of stress out of trying to integrate a triangle into your part.”

Warren Odze Broadway Drummer

Customer Reviews

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“I am the percussionist of the First National Broadway Tour of 'Once On This Island' and I use The Miller Machine because I have many quick changes between sticks and mallets and using the Miller Machine makes my job so much easier.”

"I like The Miller Machine because it expands the variety of sounds I can make while still holding a pair of sticks. It makes otherwise impossibly fast switches between instruments easy."

Mike Lunoe
Drums / Percussion / Audio Production
New York City