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The Miller Machine

Triangle Machine Plus

Triangle Machine Plus

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The Triangle Machine + (Plus) comes from a collaboration between Billy Miller, and Neil Grover of Grover Pro Percussion.

Beater angle adjusts from 90 degrees, for a focused sound (ideal for pit work) to 135 degrees, for creating a nice spread of overtones (great for orchestral and contemporary settings).

The position of the beater slides, side to side, to find the optimal beater balance for your particular setup.

Includes the new custom made 5/16" Solid-Body Brass Beater. Length, weight, and balance (fulcrum) all optimized to get a great sound from your triangle.

[mount, triangle, not included]

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Designed in collaboration with Neil Grover of Grover Pro Percussion.

90 to 135

Beater angle adjusts from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

90° is great for a more focused sound - ideal for pit work.

135° gives you a nice spread of overtones - great for orchestral, and contemporary settings.

Photo of The Miller Machine, Triangle Machine Plus showing how the beater can slide, side to side, to find optimal position for your particular setup.

Side to Side

The solid-body brass beater slides, side to side, to find the optimal position for your particular setup.

Most helpful when the Machine is set to 135 degrees.

New Suspension Mount

"I really like this update.

There’s a safety loop just in case you have a failure mid-show and the increased stability of the hang lets your triangle stay still for manual and fast playing.

Solid improvements on an already great product."

Liz A. Verified Buyer

Place It Anywhere

Set it and forget it.

Use any 3/8" percussion mount to place your Miller Machine anywhere, in any setup.

Suggested Mounts

"Damn Smart"

Just got the new machine. Thanks for incorporating the beater change I had in the back of my head, and the tilt function is damn smart.

None of the shows I'm doing this season call for a machine (Wicked and Beautiful) but I'm super glad to have it in my hands!

Mell C. Verified Buyer, US

Striking Surface

Includes custom-made red latex striking surface.

  • Natural Feel
  • Excellent Rebound
  • Minimal Stick Attack
  • Great Visibility in Low-Light Settings

Be confident you'll always get a great triangle sound.

Billy Built

Designed and built by Broadway Drummer/Percussionist Billy Miller, in Seattle, Washington.


A Must Have

"As good as the original Triangle Machine was, the Triangle Machine Plus is even better.

This is a 'must have' not only from a Musical Theater perspective, but also a Symphonic perspective."

Drew L. Verified Buyer

What You Get

  • Triangle Arm
  • Triangle Suspension Mount
  • Miller Machine Plus Body
  • 5/16" Solid-Body Brass Beater

In stock, ready to ship from Seattle, Washington.

Triangle Machine Plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kyle A. (Hanoi, HN, VN)
Amazing innovation

Extremely well constructed and thoughtful designs! The Miller Machine Plus is easily mountable and gives a free range of angle for the beater to strike. The level of customization with angle and beating area is fantastic. The beater upgrades really give excellent response and sensitivity with an extremely natural feeling rebound.

I also couldn’t be happier with the upgrades for my first generation Miller a machine!

Thank you for the wonderful review Kyle. I'm glad the upgrades are working out and you're enjoying your new Plus Machine! Billy Awesome photo too ;)

Dr. S.J. (Petal, MS, US)
Amazing investment

I purchased the Miller Machine to help with my rack players for indoor have a more ergonomic setup. The students were overjoyed to see it in and immediately made their playing experience easier. I will be recommending this brand to anyone who asks about finding ways to make their setups easier.

Thank you for this wonderful review Dr. Jones, I appreciate you taking the time to do this! I'm glad your students like it. Billy

Jeff V. (Greenville, SC, US)

Got all the notes covered for the gig, and threw in some extra pieces to the order for future uses. Fantastic product. Fantastic customer service.

Jeff, thank you for this wonderful review! Glad everything worked out for you, Billy

Wesley S. (Simpsonville, SC, US)
Works Great!

Bought this to play on the touring production of The Wiz, it works like a charm and makes the transitions between instruments seamless!

Thank you Wesley! Have fun on tour!!! Billy