Triangle Machine

Finger Cymbal Machine

Triangle Machine Plus

Crotale Machine

Horizontal Machine

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Triangle Arm

Machine Body

Finger Cymbal Arm

Machine Body Plus

Crotale Arm + Beater

Horizontal Mount

Everything's interchangeable. Mix and match all pieces.

Beater Upgrade Kit

Extra Plastic Ties

Finger Cymbal Mount

Triangle Suspension Mount

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Triangle Suspension Mount

Update for The Miller Machine Triangle Arm.

The insulated Suspension Mount helps reduce excess vibrational sound when playing your triangle.

Includes secondary tie, in case main tie breaks.

Easy to upgrade any existing Triangle Arm. Video below.

[Triangle Machine, Triangle Arm, and triangle, not included]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Ángel C.

They´re much more practical and useful than I thought at first. Easy to adjust and fulfills its purpose impeccably. I have the triangle machine and the finger cymbal machine, and both are fantastic. Thank you very much Billy

Thank you for your wonderful review Ángel! Billy

Randy F.

This is exactly what I needed. Amazing quality. It makes quick transitions so easy! Thank you! I highly recommend this!

Thank you for the review Randy! Billy

Jacob B.
Great Product!

I love the design and ease of use that this machine offers in the pit! Is there any kind of case or way to store/protect the device while moving or in storage? I would hate for it to break.

Thank you Jacob! I'm still trying to come up with a good solution for a storage case. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Billy

Elizabeth A.
Great update to triangle arm

I really like this update. There’s a safety loop just in case you have a failure mid show and the increased stability of the hang lets your triangle stay still for manual and fast playing. Solid improvements on an already great product.

Thank you Liz! Billy

Sheila N.

Triangle Machine

Thank you Sheila! Billy

Carmine F.

It’s an amazing and convenient invention. I don’t know how I’ve gotten through life without this...

Thank you Carmine, I really appreciate your business and taking the time to send a review! Billy

Joseph K.
Great product, well built

I really like the Miller machine it's makes playing a triangle hit doable when your hands are occupied with other percussion implements.

Thank you for the nice review Joseph! Billy

What's Included

Two Red Plastic Ties.
Black Latex Sleeve.
Black Cable Tie.

Easy to install. Video below.