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How soon do you ship?

Everything's in stock and I ship same day, or next day at the latest.

How do I setup my Machine?

I've got a bunch of videos on the Resources Page that can help you with setting up your Machine.

Do you ship Internationally?

Some International orders will incur additional fees for Duties and Taxes.

Click this link to get a more detailed description about International Shipping, Duties, and Taxes.

This info is also available at the bottom of the site.

European Distributors?

It's cheaper to order direct from me here in the US then it is for me to ship to a European Distributor and have them add their markup to the price.

Shipping overseas from the US can be quite reasonably priced and very fast.

This link will give you more info (including pricing) about shipping Internationally.

Return Policy

Lifetime Guarantee on everything I make, and sell. If you don't love it (although, I think you will) return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Click here to see more details.

Replacement Parts?

Happy to send you replacement parts, send me a message.

Best stick or mallet to use?

Whatever you are comfortable with and works for you will work for The Miller Machine.

The Machine is designed to be an extension of whatever's in your hand(s) at any given moment.

What's the best mount?

I have compiled a list of mounts that I know about and recommend for use with The Miller Machine.

However, this list is far from exhaustive, and as long as the mount will receive the mounting arms 3/8" rod, it will work. This applies to all Miller Machines.

What size triangle works best?

I recommend triangles up to 7", or 8".

If your triangle is a bit larger than the recommendation, it still may work, and I have a few tricks that may help eke out a bit more space.

Which finger cymbals work best?

I've used Dream, Meinl, Sabian, TreeWorks, Weiss, and Zildjian, and they all work great!

You can use any brand of finger cymbal as long as the mounting hole is at least 3/16th's of an inch so the finger cymbal can move freely on the mounting arm.

Not compatible with Latin Percussion (LP436) Finger Cymbal. Hole is too small. But can be drilled out to make it work.