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The Miller Machine

Horizontal Machine

Horizontal Machine

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Hang your triangle horizontally, this helps keep it steady, even when playing very fast passages.

Especially helpful in your Front Ensemble, marching setting, or wherever you need an extra hand.

New updates for the Horizontal Machine.

  • New Mounting Brackets, hang your triangle lower, so it's even easier to play with a triangle beater.
  • New wing nuts for both Horizontal Mount, and Mounting Rod, makes it easier to install, and reposition your triangle.
  • Four new holes across the back to hold triangle beaters and a mallet. (triangle beaters available soon)

More below.

[crotale, finger cymbal, finger cymbal mount, Machine mount, mallet, triangle, triangle beaters, not included]

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Anywhere, Any Setup

Place your triangle (horizontally) wherever you need it most.

Ideal for marching situations.

Use any 3/8" percussion mount.

Suggested Mounts

Better Bracket

Custom-designed, and 3D printed!

The new Mounting Bracket makes it even easier to install and position your triangle.

Includes improved Triangle Suspension Mounts.

Old Mount? Look below for upgrade.

Triangle Beater

Add a triangle beater, and mallet, for quick and easy access.

Four holes available with rubber sleeves to reduce noise.

(triangle beaters coming soon)

Finger Cymbal

Easy to add a finger cymbal (or crotale) to your setup.

Pick up an extra Finger Cymbal Mount and you're all set.

Works with most finger cymbals.

Finger Cymbal Mount


Also available with Flames.

Make choice above.

Purchase Includes

  • Horizontal Mount
  • Mounting Rod
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Machine Body
  • Solid-Body Steel Beater

In stock, ready to ship from Seattle, Washington.

Horizontal Machine

Horizontal Mount

The Horizontal Mount is also available separately.

Combine it with your existing Miller Machine Body.

Video below.

Learn More

Horizontal Mount


If you've purchased a Horizontal Mount, or Horizontal Machine, in the past (red knob) I'll be happy to upgrade you to the new Mounting Brackets.

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Built by Billy

Designed, and built, by Broadway drummer/percussionist Billy Miller, in Seattle, Washington.

Thank you for your support!


In The Wild

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jason S. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

This Horizontal Mount worked out perfectly for me. It was the perfect size, and being able to suspend my triangle securely on a cymbal stand was far superior to hanging it from a clip on the stand. It kept the triangle from moving while playing, without dampening the sound. Highly recommended.

Thank you Jason! I'm glad the Horizontal Mount worked for you, and thanks for leaving a review :) Billy

Don L. (Oak Ridge, TN, US)
Must-have for any gigging percussionist

The various machines are essential for most modern musicals, as well as for any number of other applications - multiple percussion setups, the phone bell for “Pennsylvania 6-5000” with any big band, etc.
Not to mention, Billy is just about the nicest small business owner you’ll ever meet.
Excellent products, excellent customer service!

Thank you Don! Sorry again about the missing knob, I'm glad it's all sorted now, have fun with Addams Family! Billy

Steve A. (Seattle, WA, US)
Horizontal machine is fantastic

I bought the new version of the horizontal miller machine, and it has worked out great. I've owned a few different horizontal mounts, and this has the best positioning for the triangle to have plenty of room to play fast double beater passages. And if course it's still a miller machine too so you can use the stick to strike the beater. I appreciate all of the thought into the details that Billy has put into these machines. They are life savers in the pit!

Thank you Steve! This is great, I'm glad you're happy with all the updates. Billy

Vance O. (Chicago, IL, US)
New triangle clips

Billy’s customer service is second to none and always to quick address any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!

Thank you Vance! Billy