Something Rotten - Kathy Lubbers

Something Rotten - Kathy Lubbers

Kathy Lubbers’ setup for Something Rotten at Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC) in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Kathy's write-up and gear list below photos.

"This is such a fun show to play! We are fortunate that EPAC is the first theatre in our area to obtain the rights to this show, so along with the joy of playing it, we get to see and hear true audience reactions to a show most haven’t seen before. And they laugh and spontaneously applaud the whole way through! The drum book is straightforward but with a lot of really interesting elements and chances for creativity. For example – I use the Toca Seed Pod Shaker in place of the called for “Goat Hooves”. Who has Goat Hooves anyway? Since the show doesn’t call for a ton of accessories, I opted to not use any electronics and go fully acoustic.

An unfortunate reality in community theatre is that you are often limited by budget and musician availability, so we were unable to secure a woodwind player in the pit – time to get creative! The glockenspiel that you see was for woodwind parts that I covered on glock when the drum part was sparse. I had two music stands, two sets of music, and two sets of sticks/mallets in order to make quick changes back and forth as easy as possible.

I have mainly been a Tama player, but I have recently absolutely fallen in love with the Mapex Armory kit. It has a great sound, and lots of versatility due to the two floor toms. Upgrading to the Gibraltar rack system along with the Armory’s shallower rack toms have really allowed me to set up the kit very ergonomically. It’s easy to move around, reach everything, and switch back and forth when needed. Memory locks on the rack make consistent setup a breeze, and Remo O-Rings and a couple of Moongels are all I need to control overtones. Adding to the drum setup is my Tama SLP Bubinga Snare, which has an incredibly warm tone, but a great crack as well.

For cymbals, I’m a big fan of the Zildjian K Custom Hybrid series. The tone is incredible, and the unlathed bells allow for a lot of versatility and custom sounds. They cut through without being too bright, and the 17” crash works really well as a suspended cymbal with the right set of mallets. The Centent 6” Splash works well for me in this show as a small Chinese gong sound or finger cymbal. And as far as the Stewart Copeland Signature Blue Bell ride – it’s my dream ride. Stewart is pretty much responsible for me being a drummer at all, and finally being able to obtain this ride is an investment I’ll never regret. The wash and the ping are beautiful, and the bell can’t be beat.

The RhythmTech accessory tray comes in handy to hold all the little things that can’t be mounted, but need to be at the ready: egg shaker, pencil, flashlight, drum key, multitool, etc. And of course, my trusty USB fan with its own power bank - and maybe a snack or two here and there…

Of course, no writeup would be complete without extolling the virtues of The Miller Machine! I had never heard of it before I saw someone else using it in a show, and I couldn’t believe something so cool existed. I pretty much ordered one immediately and it has made life so much easier! Before I owned one, I used have to hold a triangle beater under my arm, in my mouth, on my lap, etc., and there was always a risk of dropping it in the dark. The Miller Machine has taken all that awkwardness and worry away."

Drums: Mapex Armory Studioease Fast Tom Shell Pack in Emerald Burst

  • 18x22 Kick with DW5000 Single Kick Pedal
  • 7x10 Rack Tom
  • 8x12 Rack Tom
  • 14x16 Floor Tom


  • Tama 14x6 SLP Bubinga Snare


  • Zildjian 13.25" K Custom Hybrid Hi Hats
  • Centent 6” Xtt Black Tiger Series Splash
  • Zildjian 11" K Custom Hybrid Splash
  • Zildjian 14” A Custom Fast Crash
  • Zildjian 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash
  • Paiste 22" Stewart Copeland Signature Blue Bell Ride


  • TreeWorks 35-bar Classic Single-Row Chimes
  • RhythmTech Studio Cowbell
  • LP Double Sambago Bell Blocks
  • Latin Percussion Egg Shaker
  • Latin Percussion Cyclops Jingle Ring Mounted Tambourine
  • Miller Machine with Triangle
  • Toca T-SS Seed Pod Shaker
  • DIY Thunder Sheet
  • Glockenspiel


Other Cool Stuff:

  • Gibraltar GCS-450C Chrome Series 3-sided Curved Drum Rack
  • Pork Pie Sparkle Blue/Zebra Round Drum Throne 
  • RhythmTech Accessory Tray
  • Tycoon Percussion Hand Held Percussion Rack 
  • Vater Single Pair Drumstick Holder
  • Vater Multipair Drumstick Holder
  • Ahead SB4 Deluxe Stick Bag
  • Remo Tone Control Rings
  • Drumcam Tripod
  • GrooveTech GTDMT1 Drum Multi-tool
  • USB Fan

Something Rotten – Regional – Kathy Lubbers
October 2021

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