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Triangle Arm

Machine Body

Finger Cymbal Arm

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Beater Upgrade Kit

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Finger Cymbal Mount

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Finger Cymbal Mount

Custom designed Finger Cymbal Mount for The Miller Machine.

Combined with the Finger Cymbal Arm, this mount helps Isolate your finger cymbal so there's no perceptible rattle, or noise when played on a Finger Cymbal Machine.

Get an extra one to use with the Horizontal Machine.

(finger cymbal, Miller Machine Body, Finger Cymbal Arm, not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Gordon K.
Giving my pa-rum-pum-pums some flair!!

I bought the triangle machine years ago and have refused to ever play the triangle normally (sans machine) again. With the holiday season in full swing, I got signed on to play a classic arrangement of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” with a Hal Blaine style finger cymbal/snare groove. I knew it was finally time to gift myself a finger cymbal machine and it did not disappoint. It took a little time to dial in the height adjustment and the feel of the beater but after that I was dinging in the holidays with style.

Thanks Gordon! Glad you were able to get it dialed in. Billy

Maurizio C.
fantastic finger cymbals machine

works perfectly, is versatile and precise. heartfelt thanks to Billy

Thanks Maurizio! I appreciate your business. Billy

Taylor S.
An essential piece to the ever expanding percussion arsenal

The Finger Cymbal Machine works and sounds great. I am bringing it on the West Side Story international tour along with my original triangle Miller Machine. Mr. Miller’s products are essential for any drummer or percussionist and allows us to cover multiple parts that would not otherwise be possible.

Thanks for the wonderful review Taylor! Have fun on the West Side tour! Billy

Rachel J.
Finger Cymbal Machine

I love this thing! It makes life a whole lot easier when there are quick changes in the show, and I don’t have time to actually pick up two finger cymbals. Thanks, Billy!

Thanks for the wonderful review Rachel! Billy

Drew L.
Upgrade from the previous version

Even though this was "refurbished" it's basically brand new. I've got the old version which this is such an upgrade - which includes a Stoessel-Style beater and adjustable/floating mount for the finger cymbal. Highly recommended.

Thanks Drew! I'm glad you're enjoying the new upgrades :) Billy

Carl N.
Refurbished? It looks and works like new!

I’ve been using another maker’s finger cymbal trigger for years. That one isn’t as sensitive as my Miller Machine Triangle Trigger. It also has fewer parts to worry about. Can’t wait to use this Finger Cymbal Trigger in a gig. Considering it was “refurbished” from being displayed at a show, it works (and looks) just like new! Thank you for the deal, Billy!

Carl! Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know. Billy

Dan B.
Can’t live without it!

As game changing as ever! Thanks for this incredible invention and this even better update to a great design. You rock, Billy!

Thank you Dan! Have fun in California. Billy