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Drum and Percussion Setups

Ron Grassi's drum set setup for Mean Girls at Archbishop Performing Arts, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

"The main challenge that I found with this show was the very quick instrument and stick changes. Having a good pair of swizzle sticks is necessary to go from tambourine to timpani and sometimes rolls on the concert bass drum."
"This was a fun challenge to pair down three books into one. Although I am basically playing for 2 1/2 hours straight, it is a BLAST!. It gave me a reason to buy more gear including the wicked cool 'Vertical Gong' on the right of my setup from Kevin over at Creative Percussion."
"Since the band is visible onstage for the all of the scenes that take place in the diner, we are given a prop coffee mug and encouraged to chat with each other and appear like regular diner patrons during the time that we are not playing.'
"Different from the tour, the original Broadway production had acoustic drums, an acoustic set of timbales, and an acoustic tambourine - the tambourine is now programmed in the SPD-SX."
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"With the space I had, I knew having an actual set of timpani would not be possible, so I opted to trigger them off of the Alesis Strike MultiPad. In addition to the timpani, all of the extra sound effects and other percussion were programmed into the MultiPad."

Deane Prouty's setup for the Off Broadway production of Peter and the Starcatcher at New World Stages, in New York City.
Lindsay Kaul’s percussion setup for The Producers at The Players Theater in Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia.
Christopher Roberts’ combined book for the Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School production of Seussical in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.
"The bulk of the show is played on electronic instruments, including four MalletKATs, two PanKATs, and two DrumKATs. Samples are triggered on a pair of Apple Mac minis that run Native Instruments Kontakt."
"When I got hired for this tour, the first thing I was told was that it was going to be a one player, combined book. This certainly became a challenge but it is laid out very well by UK orchestrater, Stephen Metcalfe, and honors the late Bill Brohn’s work."
Rex Lycan’s percussion setup for The Little Mermaid at the Howard Brubeck Theatre in San Marcos, California.
Damien Bassman’s setup for dance class accompaniment.
Perry Cavari's drum set setup for the Broadway production of Big Fish at the Neil Simon Theatre.
Deane Prouty's setup for the Broadway production of Peter and the Starcatcher at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York City.